Makeup (July)

Hello everyone.

Today we will be focusing on the amount of things that we accumulated in July alone and I can honestly say that the hooman is stocked with makeup until forever. Yeah.

Alright. Let’s get started.

Hooman won a giveaway from Lauren at Queen of Blending which included a Tarte pallet, Urban Decay Vice lipstick, comfort matte formula in the shade Blackmail, Urban Decay Eyeshaow potion in original, Covergirl setting spray and… I think that’s it?

For Ipsy: the hooman received Smashbox Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in the shade Babe Alert. It’s a berry shade and it seems to be a typical shade that the food slave had been getting lately.

Hempz Body Moisturizer in the scent Sweet Pineapple & Honey Melon which is right up the servant’s alley as far as scents are concerned. I swear she smells like fruits. Who eats that stuff?

Cuccio Colour nail polish in the shade Mercury Rising which is something I know my hooman would put on her back scratching nails. She likes to decorate those things which to be honest, I really don’t understand…

Mídflower Hyalurouic Acid Moisturizing Mask and it’s a thing I don’t understand… then again the water girl will stay in the water forever and is willing to get drenched so, there’s that.

Phase Zero Makeup Blush in the shade Cotton Candy and like the name states, it’s very much a candy-like pink to put on the cheeks.

Lipmonthly is another subscription box that is $12/mo and you get four full sized lip products plus the makeup bag.

Bellavera Cosmetics in the shade Taupe Nude in which the hooman looked dead in the shade. Yes, I judge her. She still needs to put food in the bowl. Who cares if I was fed at 8pm and it’s currently 10:30pm, it’s not fresh!

Floss. My New Favorite Lipgloss in the shade Lax is another contraption I don’t understand. Lipgloss is always sticking to me because it stick on my fur but at least it smells like cake batter.

Kar Lip pencil in the shade Funfetti is a pencil instead of it going on paper it goes on the lips. Hoomans colour their lips with pencils.

MannaKadar Beauty Diamond Dust in the shade Pixie is a topper that goes on anywhere it looks like. Lips. Cheeks. Eyes. It goes there.

Hoomans are weird.

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Creepshow VS Laur

On January 22nd 2020, the start of the wonderful new year—Laur Trueman, the manager of Jeaniez Management who oversees Lillee Jean Trueman, had managed to successfully launched a temporary ban against Creepshow Art and Lovely Death on Twitter.

I spoke with Lauren from Queen of Blending who said Laur blocked her after she fell silent with her.

Creepshow Art, Shannon, made a video recently on Laur which went over Laur doxing, antagonizing and just straight up bullied other content creators.

That example of bullying–WCT (Wildcat) and his livestream. The Arpanet livestream and talking about Lillee Jean and her 1 million now confirmed fake followers.


Lauren Elyse had her twitter taken down by a mass flagging that occurred following a tweet asking has anyone heard of Lillee Jean?

These are just examples of cyberbullying that Laur Trueman had caused to innocent people in the story.